The Anesthesia Wore Off


“Yes, that will be fine, 9:00 in the morning.  I’ll be there,” Susan said to the nurse on the other end of the phone. “Yes, I know.  Yes, I have someone driving me home.”

“Who was that?” her husband Fred inquired as he was just coming through the door arriving home after work.

“That was Dr. D’Capolo’s nurse reminding me of the procedure for tomorrow,” she replied in a sour sounding voice, a tone living up to the dread that she was feeling.

Nothing has changed has it?”

“No, everything is set to go. And speaking of going I am off to the bathroom again.”

“Just think after tomorrow no more of that awful pink syrup and it will all be over,” Fred said, trying to put a positive spin on the ugly reality experienced over the last several hours.

“Thank God,” she replied as she stumbled holding her stomach on the way to the bathroom.

“Expected reactions” Susan was told to the cleaning out process that must occur before the procedures could be performed. The symptoms Susan had been experiencing for the last several months had finally got to the point leaving her to conclude something must be done. She was looking for some relief, any kind of relief.  This was the first step, or so the doctor thought, to finding out what was going on inside.

Susan was set to check in to the hospital to have the dreaded of all procedures performed – the colonoscopy. If that wasn’t not bad enough, the doctor also thought it best to go ahead and perform an endoscopy as well while she was there. Having carefully following all the do’s and dont’s on the four page set of instructions she was all ready, as in ready to get this over with.  She thought the preparation for the “procedure” was probably worse than the actual procedure.

Battling the nausea and the constant running to the toilet was just “down-right nasty.” Earlier that day Susan had called her sister, Trina, to ensure that she would be able to pick her up and take her home. She would certainly be in no condition to drive home after being under the anesthesia.  Trina couldn’t hold back from using the opportunity to get her digs in.  Susan replied to her sister’s taunting with, “Don’t laugh, you are not that far behind me Sis, your turn is coming,” then hung up the phone. 

The next morning Trina arrived at 8:00 to pick Susan up.  It was just a short drive over to the hospital where they were to perform the tests.  After getting over to the hospital and filling out the paperwork Susan was rolled off to the back of the hospital.  Trina went down to the room that would serve as the recovery room and immediately started reading a paperback.  The procedure was not to take too long per the nurse that rolled Susan back.  Trina waited.

After about an hour Susan was wheeled back into the recovery room by a nurse.  The nurse had told Trina that it will take a little longer for the anesthesia to completely wear off but that Susan would soon be herself.  Susan’s eyes seemed to still be rolling around inside the sockets and she looked up and asked the nurse, “can I have a drink of water?  My throat feels so dry and yucky.”

The nurse replied, “Yes, but you need to just sip it until the anesthesia wears off.”

Susan assured the nurse that she would just sip the water but she needed something to get that nasty taste out of her mouth.

The nurse came back a few minutes later with a cup of water with a straw and reminded Susan to just sip it. 

As Susan and Trina waited for the doctor to come in with the results they talked.  Susan sipped the water while Trina explained what she had been reading but it was obvious Susan was drifting in and out and not sure if she was following the one sided conversation. If Susan was still interested to know about the book later Trina would probably have to repeat all the details over again.

About 30 minutes later in strolled Dr. D’Capolo with “good news, good news, everything went well. No problems on either end.  How’s our patient doing?”  Standing at the foot of the bed alternating looks between Susan and Trina.

Susan who had lifted her head as the doctor was delivering the results said, “Doing ok, I guess, but did you do the colonoscopy first and use the same scope for the endoscopy because I got a shitty taste in my mouth I can’t seem to get rid of.”

Trina was laughing so hard she about fell out of her chair.

The doctor stood there stunned by what he had just heard and said, “Oh, I see, the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet…… haha.”

It was then Trina stopped long enough to tell the doctor, “Oh no, doc, the anesthesia wore off about 10 minutes ago. She’s back to her old self.”

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